Port Agency Services

Hub Agency

As your hub agency solutions partner we manage your non-essential agency related tasks. Our offer is based on well-defined products and processes, which will be customised to meet your needs and demands. There are several levels of customisation, from system integration management towards a full outsourcing solution with services from all core services.

Cold/Hot Lay up

Katakolo & Kyllini provides a package of cost-effective services to Ship Owners/Operators of Ships Lay-Up, either Cold or Hot. Astron from the other side will take care all the matters regarding crew, provisions, spares.

Port clearance in/out

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, then the shipper will provide documentation confirming customs duties that are paid and the shipment can be processed.

Tugboat services

Astron provides tug assistance to various vessels in the ports of Katakolo, Kyllini and other ports in the Greek waters. This includes multipurpose vessels, roro vessels, oil and chemicals tankers and container vessels. With modern and highly sophisticated tugs, located at the port we carry out operations safely and with a minimum number of tugs required per job.

Transit passages

Katakolo and Kyllini is the ideal ports regarding transit passages. In this situation vessels preferred to drop anchor in the anchorage area and Astron arrange every need of the vessel. Provisions, bunkers, sign on/off, crew, inspections etc.

Port state & customs formalities

We have a wide experience on port state and formalities. We can take care all the practical matters for the vessel to arrive, stay and depart from the port of Katakolo & Kyllini without any issues regarding customs. Trust Astron.

Crew changes & repatriation

Crew change and welfare is our main priority. We arrange flight, hotel, taxi booking from/to airport. Approximate distance 3.5 hours by taxi.

Pilot booking & linesman

Pilot is available at the port of Katakolo but in Kyllini port is not available and not required. In case you need a pilot let us know the arrival and we will arrange accordingly.

Berth booking

3 berths available at the port of Katakolo (Pier 1, Pier 2, Pier 3). Pier No.1: 270.0 m. / max. draft: 9.0 m

Pier No.2: 200.0 m. / max. draft: 7.5 m. Pier No.3: 240.0 m. / max. draft: 9.0 m

Ship’s supply (provisions fresh water, bonded store)

Stores, fresh provisions, 3 monthly provisions, spares, bonded, fresh water and any king of provisions can be available at any moment at the port and arrange the delivery of them by Astron.

Garbage Disposal

Our harbour has waste management plan regarding ships wastes such as domestic, plastic, food, and operational waste generated during the operation of the ship. Oily residues from the other side can be arrange from companies who specialized in this kind of operation. We can arrange your vessel to deliver all of residues and protect the environment as we aware of that.

Bunkering operations & lubricants

We can manage your vessel to receive bunkers and lubricants by bunker barge at the port (by truck) or at anchor. Also lubricants can be available in the port by truck.

Other services

General agency attendance

Delivery services (Cash to master, Spares, mails and stores)

Hotel booking

Flight booking and any extra voyage arrangements (airport to ship and ship to airport)